KT's 2013 Bike Goals



I make yearly goals, not resolutions. I usually make tangible goals that I know I can achieve. This year, I'm making some bike-specific goals, because riding my bike makes me happy, and I want to be happier!

1. Ride my bike more.
Not that I don't ride my bike. I pretty much ride every day. But I ride mostly for point A to B-ism as Mikael puts it. I bought Seasbiscuit for a reason. I am in love with this bike. I want to spend more time with her. I'm thinking day-long rides when we can really get to know each other. I want to test the limits of our love. Ain't no mountain we cannot climb!

2. Ride Butterlap 6 times.
I always want to ride Butterlap. But I work until 6 pm and I have a dog. I have to go straight home after work and walk him, so I'm always jealous when I see that my friends have gathered to ride Butter. But there are plenty of Wednesdays when I work from home and can join the ride. I'm going to make the most of those days. Even if I have to meet the gang halfway through and ride a Butter-Light.

3. Go bike camping with friends at least once.
I never felt I had the right bicycle to go bike camping. Le Rouge et Noir was a pain in the ass, the Storm Trooper is too slow, The Monkey is, well, a monkey, and Le Beurre et Sucre is too light and fun to strap gear onto. Seabiscuit is just right for bike camping. And as of yesterday, I have one pannier. So 2013 is the year that The Horse takes me on a camping trip.

4. Gear up for riding in the rain.
I must admit, if the rain is coming down hard, I wimp out and take the bus. But I LOATHE the bus. I always wish I was on my bike when I am crammed against smelly, sick people who are having annoying conversations on public transportation. I wish I was experiencing the Zen feeling I have when I'm on my bike, connected to the road, my city, my surroundings, the other people transporting themselves, and Myself - my lungs, my blood, my heartbeat, my sweat, my breath, my nerves. When I was a kid and even a teenager, I loved getting caught in the rain. I want to get caught again. And possibly even look good in it.

5. Take my dog on my bike more!
I got my bike basket late in 2012 with the intention of bringing Rookie to work more often. Then I got laid off, and now I'm freelancing again. So I'll have to settle for taking Rookie on recreational rides rather than rush hour. With Spring around the corner, there will be plenty of opportunities! I must also devise a way to get Cloud rolling with me.

Wish me luck in 2013 and the same to you!


Unknown said...

Good luck on all those goals for the year :-) Esp Butterlap. Social riding is the best!

Mine is also a year of goals. At least one bike touring wkend per month - already booked my first one in - part on the train, part riding.
Then planning a week tour for summer of 300+ miles on the tandem. Cant wait.

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks, Georgie and GOOD LUCK TO YOU in 2013! Ride on! Send pics of touring!

Unknown said...

I will do. Typically it's been snowing here in time for the first tour of the year. Brrrr - good job we're not camping on this trip!
No doubt my other half will be forcing me to put long johns on under my trousers.. sexy.. erm no

Kristin Tieche said...

Where are you located? You are a braver soul than I for attempting to bike in the snow... though I'm sure I could be persuaded very easily! :-)

Unknown said...

I'm in the North West of England about an hour north of Manchster. Brrrr!
Got ski gloves & lots of layers. Afew flasks for coffee and soups - we'll be fine :-)

Unknown said...

It was great fun cycling in that snow, although there was less of it in The Lake District than at home.
It took a lot of concentration on ice and where the white stuff had compacted down. But wow it was like being in The Alps at times. Beautiful http://penninepeddling.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/january-snow.html

Kristin Tieche said...

Wow - look at you cycling in the snow!!! Ride on!