skinny stilettos

San Francisco has apparently not adopted Copenhagen's Style Over Speed cycling manifesto. As I was on my way to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, I spotted this woman speeding down Folsom Street listening to her tunes through her earphones, wearing a scarf reminiscent of those worn by either the PLO or Joe Strummer in the Rock the Casbah video, wearing painted on skinny blue jeans, pedaling in her black stilettos, and her arms covered in tattoos. I could hardly keep up with her and tried my best to snap a photo, one hand on my point-and-shoot, the other on my handlebars; one eye on the viewfinder, the other on the traffic lights.

Also, take notice of the fancy red and white checkered style on her bike frame and handlebars.

I was very curious what she was listening to, but didn't have the chance to ask.


Mom said...

We, at Velo Vogue, do not think that riding while listening to music is fashionable, and we strongly discourage it.

Mom said...

Unless of course you have a boom box.

Kristin Tieche said...

And a boom box, depending on your choice of music, could contribute to noise pollution.

Granted, riding with headphones on, probably not the safest option. Neither is riding without a helmet, but it's a personal choice and I'm not one to tell someone how to dress or how to ride. Just documenting it!

Anonymous said...

Were I to carry along and listen to music as I ride, it might likely be something by Handel, Bach, or Torelli and I would consider it terribly gauche of me to impose my choice of music onto the sensibilities of a fellow path-user.

I fail to understand why that concept isn't universally shared.

Mom said...

Riding with headphones is *illegal* and unsafe. A helmet is still only required on children.

Kristin Tieche said...

Handel, Bach or Torelli would be quite pleasant to overhear on the bike lane, should you attach a boom box to your ride.