The Loveliest Cyclist at Saint-Eustache

Last summer, I was eating pizza outside Église Saint-Eustache at Les Halles with my friend Tina when this woman rode up. I knew instantly that she was the loveliest cyclist I would see (except for my friends of course).

She appeared to be meeting her boyfriend/husband/lover/male friend at this very spot. We paparazzied her extensively. She didn't seem to notice. He seemed to think that was a perfectly reasonable reaction to her presence.

Notice the lovely vintage bike with fenders and basket, the classic gray dress and pink pumps.

I'm glad it rained so much in San Francisco this February because we need it. However, I'll be honest with you: it's slowed me down. I don't go outside as much, and similarly, neither do many of our fellow cyclists.

But every challenge is an opportunity. You are finally going to see my photos from Paris last summer including my inside tour of the Velib program.

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