Valencia Vogue

We could probably fill this entire blog with Valencia Vogue if we stood on a corner and waited with our cameras. Sadly, we have other obligations that, say, support our habits of sleeping indoors and eating food that hasn't already been enjoyed by other people. So, we are only lucky enough to be on Valencia with our cameras every now and then.

I loved this woman's look, all bundled up on one of our non-rainy days (of which there have been a few lately... but I don't remember when). She wore a classy plaid coat with dress shoes, socks and "pedal pushers". I also liked the new cruiser with wicker basket. My goal is to look that good at least until the air warms up and it becomes easier (think sundresses, etc., when goals are no longer necessary).


Adrienne Johnson said...

I aspire to this! One day, I will look this good on my bike!

Mom said...

Adrienne, you do look this good!

Anonymous said...

I adore this bike and basket. The coat is absolutely great. A fitted coat is so elegant.