[Funny Cyclist] European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships

Bike Polo is a sexy sport.
46 EHBPC Day 2 (169)
Stripes [sans stars] in action at the European Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Championships in London August 2009.

47 EHBPC Day 2 (186)
This is a bicycle sport that requires no spandex.

01 EHBPC Day 2 (153) People
Some stylish spectators...

02 EHBPC Day 2 (329) People
and ogling onlookers.

16 EHBPC Day 2 (28) Spectator
But the look in her eye says it all: "How can I get in the game?"

Thanks to Funny Cyclist for sharing this photos on our Flickr photo pool.

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