VV goes to Portland! [pt. 2]

Dave of Portlandize told me that on average 2,000 cyclists pass by this street corner every day.

Here are two of them, on their way to go play hoop!

Some more downtown shots: a cyclist casually chats on her phone while pushing her pretty rouge et noir bike across the street.

That casual elegance of the Pacific NW gets me every time!

Clever Cycles sells and rents these awesome Dutch bicycles, though I'm told this is an Electra.


Adrienne Johnson said...

This is my next trip! I want to take the train there.

Lovely Bicycle! said...

I am impressed and horrified to see that the rouge-et-noire owner rides with bare drop bars! Even with cork tape and padded gloves, my hands still hurt on mine. What a tough lady!

Kristin Tieche said...

Adrienne, I've been advised against Amtrak. I've heard of wicked delays. That aside, I LUV Portland!!!

She Rides a Bike said...

I've heard great things about Amtrak. Yes, there are delays but the people that I spoke to said it is about the journey. Portland rocks in every way. I have never felt more in my element as a bike commuter. Enter the nicest restaurant and your fellow patrons are carrying bike helmets!