A Week Of Bike Chic (?)

When I first started lurking around the bike blogs of the world, there was a lot of talk about how hard it is to ride without gear. I see a lot less of this, recently. People are starting to accept that riding a bike is just another part of life. How you choose to dress for it does not have to change.

After posting a shot of myself on my Flickr account, bemoaning the need for wool and cashmere to get around town after flip flopping it in SoCal, I thought it would be fun to share an ongoing personal project of mine.

I am in the midst of a 365 Days project, and for one week this year, I focused on what I wear when I ride. Here it is, plus a couple of days I have thrown on 'cause I liked 'em! Feel free to laugh at some of the choices, just remember the saying- run whatcha brung, or, wear watcha got.