pushbike style ride this Sunday

Last week on my way back from my accordion lesson, I saw the Pushbike storefront for the first time and was very curious... and now here's the perfect opportunity to get to know them up close and personal, avec beer.

Show your style this weekend! There is no theme. Wear what you like, dress to impress! Start at Pushbike. Check out new styles from Performance Couture. We will leisurely ride to the beach. Drinks and Prizes at the Riptide on Taraval. Warm up for next week’s Bike Style Fashion Show at SF Bike Expo.

Thanks to Meli for forwarding.


Kristin Tieche said...

Stopped by Pushbike and met the lovely Carla today. Apparently the ride begins at 7 pm, if you have been wondering.

Unknown said...

The ride was lots of fun. The results and photos are up, links to some other participants'galleries: http://nonavarnado.com/2009/11/sf-style-ride/

Thanks for the post & keep in touch. Velo Vogue is fantastic!

Kristin Tieche said...

Sorry I couldn't make it after all! I have been working like a dog lately! :-( All work and no play makes KT take a vacation to Rio.