Thank You

So many photos, so many bicycles, so much style - but what motivates and inspires me most to continue this blog, is the growing number of amazing people I get to interact with from all over the globe.
mikael ferry building

New photos of people who love velo appear in our photo pool daily. It's like getting a postcard from another part of the world.

Lay-Luh, Portland

Pink Bigfish in London
BigFish Folding Bike, London

5964 look away..that way..
Xander N'Dante, Toronto 416 Cycle Style

Sometimes I even get to meet these faces in person and be inspired time and time again.
meli's smile

So today I would like to give thanks to you - my readers, collaborators and friends - who keep the movement rolling forward at a steady and strong pace.

Thank you from the bottom of my innertube. :-)


MELI. said...

from my innertube filled of caffeine, to you luv! its been a blast hangin out with you <3
**happy thanksgivin**

'Xander Labayen said...

Happy Holidays and enjoy the ride.

This virtual velo friendship has been more than I expected when I started my own site.


Kristin Tieche said...

Happy holidays to you, Xander!

Your virtual velo friend, KT