Guest blogger - Gabriela Sosa: Adventures in Malmö

Happiness is a sunny bike ride
Knowing I had 48 hours in Malmö, Sweden, I summoned the Sun God, Agni Deva, who was still vacationing in Spain, where I had left Him. After some reluctance, Mr. Agni himself, moseyed on over to the southern tip of Sweden to shed some rays during my visit.

Amrta Vapu (which translates from Sanskrit into Nectar Body, as you may witness for yourself) was gracious enough to lead me along a visually stimulating tour along the coastal city.
Fearless Leader
Colors popped as Scandinavia squeezed out the last bit of summer. Somehow the grass was greener, the ocean a deeper shade of slate, the wind, slightly more fragrant, or perhaps is was due to the company or perhaps Mother Earth was happy that two of her babies weren’t polluting Her body. In any case, please follow me, following my fearless leader, along Malmö’s shores on the last sunny day in Sweden, 2010.
Our path

Earlier that morning, I was working off my jet lag by taking pix of random Malmö goodness & shot a picture of a nicely illuminated outdoor café.
Cafe in Malmö
Once I realized it was close to our meeting time, I kicked off my kickstand & peddled toward my destination: Govinda’s: Malmö.
Bike Rest Stop

I skidded my bike on the cobblestone into Govinda’s courtyard & noticed Amrta’s bike leaned up against the PARKING VERBOTTEN sign. I chuckled to myself & of course had to take a pic.
Those Anarchists!
Clearly rules do not apply to any friend of mine!

We set off down Föreninsgatan towards Kungsparken an awesome pebblestone-lined park that greeted us with a greenhouse café & windmill.
Wind Power Activate!

Nectar Body and Jiggly Body then proceeded on toward Scania Park...

all while cycling past the monolithic Turning Torso.
The Turning Torso

After bouncing around ideas on how to best develop the waterfront for artistic-eco-exploits...

we approached Malmö’s Central Train Station, where you can enjoy the cluster of urban cycles, as well as close-ups of Nectar Body’s super awesome sun-rusted artbike.
Crescent Coolness
Next time, please join us, Nectar Body & Jiggly Body, on our trip to Christiania where we will share how they’ve taken cycle-style to a new level.

Until then, keep peddling.

AKA – Jiggly Body (soon to be Abs of Steel Body)


Gabriela Sosa said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the recounting my cycling adventures in Sweden.

Kristin Tieche said...

Looking forward to part two!

Anonymous said...

dear Jiggly, Thank you for sharing your adventures. I had no idea that you were missing from here. Didn't you just text me a couple of days ago and suggest gymnasticizing in the valley? Hello to my mother's motherland. Have some lingonberries for me

phoebe sudrow said...

um Jiggly, I didn't realize that you were missing from here. Didn't you just text me a couple of days ago suggesting gymasticizing in the valley? Hello to my mother's motherland. It always seems so far away to me. have some lingonberries for me


Tasha Carey-Pants said...

I missed you so much while you were gone, but these adventures sound simply divine!!! Now Nectar Body needs to come out to Los Angeles and make some more Hollandersaft!! Love the pink pants by the way <3 <3

Seth Spector said...

And hey, whereas "Nectar Body" seems to be an accurate description for your friend, "Jiggly Body" seems most inappropriate to describe the gorgeous gal featured here....need a new name. What the!

eva.lu said...

Ahh the turning torso building. I am told that it is visible from Copenhagen! Except when I was there it was covered in fog. This post is making me wish I would have crossed the bridge and checked out Malmo - next time!

Jiggly Body said...

What the?!
Thanks Seth - I'll let you come up with a more suitable moniker then....
The ball is in your court.

Ramona Wheelright said...

truly delightful post, ms.jig!

eightrack said...

Hey You should do a bit on the island of Ven, or if you have not been GO! it is not car free but very few cars and tasty smoked fish