Welcome Anne!

Anne, here, is a transplant from New York. She said she was too intimidated to ride a bicycle there, but when she moved here last year, she started to think about maybe taking it up here.

Anne The Newbie

Anne bought her bicycle just the week before I took this picture. Already a complete natural! I think she will do very well pedaling around our fair town.

New Rider


Kristin Tieche said...

Hi Anne!

Bienvenue a San Francisco!

Ann said...

Hi Adrienne, Thanks so much for posting this way back when. I discovered my bike got stolen today from our garage and it turns out these are the only good photos I have of it. Thanks for the memories (and help with crime fighting). I'll miss my bike, it was a beaut.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Crap! Check Craigs List and the flea markets. I bet it will show up!