KT loves SF

KT crosses the Bridge from Kristin Tieche on Vimeo.

When was the last time you rode across the Golden Gate Bridge? Have you ever done it? If you were to do it, what would the soundtrack in your mind be? Join KT as she commutes to work in Sausalito on a fine Indian Summer morning in October crossing one of our nation's most visited landmarks - our Golden Gates.

In honor of the SF Giants winning the West, I have been singing Prince's classic "Baby I'm a Star" for the past week, so I present you the song and the Golden Gate Bridge in their entirety.

And just to prove how much we love Los Gigantes, this is how SFers do it:

Giants Fans


Anonymous said...

What bike are you riding across the Golden Gate on?

Kristin Tieche said...

Le Rouge et Noir, of course!!!

Joe said...

KT, Great clip riding across the GG bridge. I rode across it some years ago, and a couple months ago was in SF with my teenage son and we walked across it. Lovely memories. What a beautiful city!


Kristin Tieche said...

It's a spectacular landmark that even us natives never tire of! Thanks for sharing!