Vogue Around The Globe - Wintering!

nieve by Soya le Gato in Lyon, France (Salut!)

Chill in the air
Chill in the Air by knittinglemonade, whereabouts undisclosed

Pretend it's not wrinkly
juleskills all in purple in NYC!

Layers by poetas in Portland, OR. (Hi Dave!!!)

Geri, day 1, with Andy´s Raleigh
Geri, day 1, with Andy´s Raleigh, by Borntoolate 1960 in the UK!

Primary Colors
Primary Colors by Simply Bike in the Midwest! (oh the fishnets, girrrrl!)

up and away
up and away, from 'Xander in Toronto

La dona de vermell
La dona de vermell by Bart Omeu in Barcelona (ay dios mio - 5 - 0!!!)


Kara said...

Oh, thanks for including me! I'm knittinglemonade hailing from Salt Lake City. We now covered in snow here, so I am definitely missing that fall day.

Unknown said...

Thank you for including me too!

MELI. said...

dave is so adorableeeee - great set as always babe! xxomeli

Dave Feucht said...

Well, hey! You can use me anytime :D

Hope the SF winter is going well so far!

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks to all of you for adding your pics to the VV flickr photo pool!

Looking fine!