Biking in Heels by Nona Varnado

Eddy Merckx Bike Babe
Photo by ooolicia

Nona Varnado of The Bird Wheel has made a fabulous post featuring four women from NY to SF (including moi) who bike in heels and tell us how it's done. Here's a little snippet, but please visit her blog to read more:

Since the Victorian era when bicycles were introduced to women all over the world, it’s had an astounding impact on women’s apparel and their ability to hop on a bike and enjoy life.

Though fashion has changed enormously since the Rational Dress Movement was formed to encourage women’s underclothes to weigh no more than 5 pounds and switch out petticoats for bloomers – fashion on a bicycle still remains a hot topic and one that often evokes the question, “how do they ride in that?”

Today we hear from four different women from NYC to SF about the how-to’s and joys of riding your bike in heels. Like learning basic bike handling skills, biking in heels is not on its own dangerous. With a little skill and practice it’s a great way to feel pretty & confident making the bike a perfect compliment to the rest of your life and transportation needs.


kfg said...

". . .biking in heels is not on its own dangerous"

Unlike walking in them. The first step in getting me to love your for your mind is easy; wear flats.

But of course that may just be me.

Kristin Tieche said...

Who ever said I wanted you to love me?


kfg said...

Yes, well, who ever said I was talking to you? :)