Clash of the Helmets

Let's lay off the great helmet debate and simply say that if you so choose, the options abound.

Bike Commute SF

Bike Commute SF

Bike Commute SF

Ride safely and stylishly!


Jeremy said...

I tried in vain to find one of the cooler, skateboard style helmets, but I just don't like the way they feel. They're too big and enveloping and unventilated for me. But at least I got a bright red sporty helmet to match my bright red bike, so I feel kinda cool.

kfg said...

I was perusing the helmets available at the Evil Empire the other day. Now I have a problem with all head wear; I have a pea head. My daughter used to be able to steal my hats when she was only 5.

So the only helmets that fit me were the children's helmets. Most of the children's helmets aren't anything I'd want my children to be seen in. I'd hope they had better taste than that (so the whole My Little Pony(tm) Era was a bit hard on me).

But there was one, flat black with reflective red hot rod flame stickers on it. It was almost enough to make me buy it, but then I'd have to get a black leather motorcycle jacket to go with it, so I didn't.

Kristin Tieche said...

kfg - when I wear a helmet, I wear my Nutcase. You can add extra padding to the medium and it should fit your head. The have a bunch of different styles too, one that doesn't have little ponies on it.

Jeremy, I have a sporty one as well, it's white and will match my Storm Trooper. :-)

kfg said...

"You can add extra padding . . ."

I cannot respond to that without violating the terms of participation. :)

"The have a bunch of different styles too"

Yeah, but then I'd have to get a Brompton to go with it and nobody 'round these parts remembers Carnaby St. chic anymore, so I'd have to deal with people asking me if I'm English all the damned time.

If I wanted to put up with that I wouldn't have gone to all the trouble of damping out my English accent.

Kristin Tieche said...

Feeling snarky, eh?

kfg said...

"Feeling snarky, eh?"

I tried that, but she slapped me, so now I'm just ******' Goofy.