How to Choose a Bike - a webisode from Mind The Gap

With so many bikes to choose from, how does a new cyclist make the right choice?

If you've got a friend who's thinking of buying a new bike, please send him/her this video produced by my friend Laura, director of the upcoming documentary about public transportation Mind The Gap.

Her webisodes are always quite insightful, so I can't wait to see her completed film! In the meantime, she's offering us these entertaining and useful videos while we wait til the film makes it to the silver screen.


kfg said...

How to choose a bike:

Get a black one if you want to cruise classy. Get a red one if you want to go fast. If you can't find a black one or a red one get a white one; they're easy to respray black or red.

See? Simple.

Kristin Tieche said...

It can be that simple if you know what you're looking for. But with all the choices, sometimes people pick bikes that aren't right for them and their lifestyles. So videos like this, pointing out the different factors in making the right choice, are helpful.

For example, a black road bike with a diamond frame and drop down handlebars is not the right bike for a short woman who uses her bike daily to ride to work. Or a mother who needs to ride her kids to work. Catch my drift?

Someone who doesn't know about the different types of bikes out there may not think it's simple.

philippe said...

Err, as she's shopping for a daily commuter, wouldn't it be nice to get a bike with a rear or front rack (and panniers), mud guards, some kind of chain protection, front and rear lights... Maybe a gear hub and wider tires ?
I mean, that's a nice biek for a sunday workout, isnt it ?

Kristin Tieche said...

Phillipe - agreed. hopefully she's made those additions!