so long and thanks for all the good times... for now

kt @ valet bike parking
I went to my last Giants game of the season on Monday night. Parked my bike at the valet bike parking for the last time in 2011.

kt, liam & the germans
Liam and I ran into a bunch of Germans while getting beers.

kt having a good time as usual
Giants were winning, so I was in an especially good mood.

ade, george & kt
So were my pals, Adrienne & George...

kt & laura
& Laura.

My last game of season
It's always a party when you have record-breaking attendance.

My sister-in-law, a Red Sox fan said to me last night, "Red Sox Nation hate the Yankees more than they love the Red Sox." I told her that one of these days she needed to feel the Giants love!

Then this morning, my dad sent me a message. He went to the last game of the season yesterday, as the Giants waved goodbye to a few players, who might have just played their last game.

This is how Giants fans say goodbye:

"Big ovation for Pat Burrell yesterday when Bochy took him out, applause all the way to the dugout. He disappeared into the team, but the ovation got louder and he came back out for a curtain call and tipped his hat. At this point it got really loud. He stood there for a moment to this standing ovation, then bowed his head and headed to the clubhouse. It was pure love. I think it got to him."

Ta-ta for now, Gigantes! Until March...


lisamarie said...

oh such a sweet farewell!

Ayasha Kieth said...

How sweet, anyway your bikes looks great, what kind of bike you have right now?

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Kristin Tieche said...

I now have a Jamis Commuter 4 added to the mix!