Nobody walks in LA (Biking in LA pt. 2)

Despite what people think and say, Los Angeles has a rich bicycle culture. In fact, little havens like Venice Beach speckle the coastline, where EVERYONE who's ANYONE knows this fact: The bike is the best way to go.

Venice Beach Biking 2011

Even Tim Robbins knows that.
Celebrity Bike Sighting

You don't need no limo when you've got free valet bike parking at the Main Street Farmers' Market. Definitely one place you want to see and be seen.
Venice Beach Biking 2011

And if you need to wear a full length evening gown, your bike will clearly take you there in style.
Venice Beach Biking 2011

Los Angeles - the place where dreams are caught and made.
bicycle dreamcatcher

Catch my drift?
Bike Weathervane

LA is all right.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying my misconceptions. If we ever visit LA, I'll definitely bring my wheels.

Anonymous said...

I bicycle commute from Griffith Park to downtown. Sometimes to Pasadena. It's hilly but a nice ride. Check it out while you are here.