Bike Fashion According to SF's Gwen Lutz in the Times

One of the fabulous upsides of cycle chic is the abundant options that have consequently sprung up in the world of bicycle fashion.

photo of yours truly modeling at last year's bike fashion show by Pedal Savvy

Not only do we have bike fashion and lifestyle blogs like this one, but we have bike fashion shows that parade the latest and greatest from bike fashion designers from around the world. And we're not just talking messenger bags and caps anymore. From dresses in bike-friendly non-wicking fabric, to capes and commuter jeans - the world of bike fashion has diversified, as is pointed out in today's article in the NEW YORK TIMES, featuring SF's very own Gwen Lutz of Pedal Savvy, who will be putting on the bike fashion show this Saturday at the SF Bike Expo.

photo of all the models, Gwen Lutz on far left, at last year's bike fashion show by Pedal Savvy

Yes, bike fashion has got its validation. We made the Times. Rejoice!

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