Occupy Our World

Thanks to Fossil Fool, I came upon this video of the recent Occupy SF Music Festival in San Francisco, with the stage and sound system powered by bicycles provided by Fossil Fool and Shake Your Peace - two bicycle powered local musicians.

Way to rock our world.

Also just read this incredible analysis of the Occupy Movement in the Rolling Stone, written by Matt Taibbi. There are many well-put thoughts in his article, including: "If there is such a thing as going on strike from one's own culture, this is it."

But my favorite quote from the article is here: "The relentless sameness of the two-party political system is beginning to feel like a Jacob's Ladder nightmare with no end; we're entering another turn on the four-year merry-go-round, and the thought of having to try to get excited about yet another minor quadrennial shift in the direction of one or the other pole of alienating corporate full-of-shitness is enough to make anyone want to smash his own hand flat with a hammer."

Read the whole article here: How I learned to stop worrying and love the OWS protests.

Despite the most recent police raids at the crack of dawn in New York, Portland and Oakland, I hope the occupiers know that they still have the support of the majority of Americans. Michael Moore spoke at Occupy SF a couple weeks ago. He's been traveling around Occupy encampments all over this country and he argues that 59% of Americans support the global Occupy movements. Not exactly what the media wants you to believe.

Why write about the Occupy movement here on Vélo Vogue? Because together we can unplug from the system and pedal power our way into a more liveable future.

Ride on and Occupy!

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Unknown said...

I love the Occupy Movement (not so much the drum circles, though) and have been to two protests where I live so far. Traveled to and from by bike, of course.