Peace, Love & Freedom

Peace, Love & Freedom 2
It's what we are constantly in pursuit of - our whole lives - and what inspires us to stand up and fight, collectively.

Peace, Love & Freedom 1
As I commute to and from work, I am joined by more and more men and women who represent my beliefs - that we should be able to safely ride our city streets without fear of losing our lives, where our city makes appropriate, designated space for us. Where we can be free to move. In peace.

One can argue that it's what our democracy represents.

Don't forget to vote
So don't forget to vote on Tuesday. Do some research. Find out what candidates represent us. The candidates that stand up for what we believe. If you live in SF, and need some guidance, the SF Bike Coalition has made its endorsements.

[This post by no means endorses any particular candidate. I am in fact undecided as of this writing. But I am a dedicated voter that doesn't take my freedom for granted.]

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