henna and hair and bikes and friends

I got this henna tattoo on New Year's Eve...
henna tattoo study 1

and I couldn't wait to show it off!
kt bike henna tattoo 2

So I paraded it from Venice to Santa Monica to get my hair done before my friend's wedding.
kt bike henna tattoo

It was a beautiful sunny day that cast strong shadows.
kt shadow panda
I adorned my other hand with jewels, so it wouldn't feel jealous.

I made some new friends in the bike lane on the way back to my hotel.
kt biking santa monica 4

He offered to take my pic!
kt biking santa monica
(how does my hair look?)

Peace be unto you, brother, and a happy 2012!


Florida said...

Hey KT! Happy New Year!!! The hair and henna look lovely.

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks, Flo! Happy New Year to you too!