Thank God for Hot Dudes on Bikes

Happy Friday, everyone!

Kristin Tieche - Paris


Van Nicholas Test Ride
Two from Lovely Bicycle! - Boston

Todo estilo
Claudio Olivares Medina - Bogotá

Crazy San Franciscans
Adrienne Johnson - San Francisco

Josef, riding Rowan's '57 Raleigh Superbe
Velocipedinarian - Somewhere in Yorkshire

SebastianCorrea - This doesn't look like Brooklyn to me...


Alicia Oblander said...

Man, riding in a suit must be uncomfortable! Thank god for being a woman! :D

Adam said...

Not a single one is wearing a helmet. Hmm...

Kristin Tieche said...

And none of them are wearing panty hose either.

Amandeep ('Deep) said...

What!? Is there a hot dude in that rickshaw photo! Don't tell my GF Kimber.... oh. wait....

Awww shucks - thanks!