Declan Wants His Bike Back!

San Francisco people,  six year old Declan's (son of Velo Vogue and CYLRAB writer, Adrienne Johnson!) bike was stolen yesterday from his brother's graduation at Balboa High School.    Here is a picture of Declan and his very unique bike.   If you see this bike or its component parts please reclaim for Declan, (kick thief's ass), and let us know right away. You can also call SFPD and reference case #T12008286, or call Adrienne if you know her.

Cycle Chic Boyo
Free Agent steel BMX, black paint with yellow and red decals. The rear wheel is a custom built, skinny 20", anodized blue and laced up with a new S-A 3-speed hub with integrated coaster brake (if you see the wheel it is ours, there isn't another one like it). It does not match the front wheel which is silver. There are no hand brakes. It has a 3-speed twist shift with blue hand grips. The cranks are quite rare because of their size- 145mm. It has a new black Tony Hawk seat with molded finger grips under the seat nose and under the back of the seat (makes it easy to pick up and move). There is a brass incredibell on the handlebars and the lights were mounted on it at the time (Planet Bike blinky on front handle bars and Knog light on seat post.


G.E. said...

Oh no! That is such a sad thing to read. I hope that he gets the bike back very quickly and in one piece. I remember my first stolen bike (I was 11), and I cried for days. It was eventually recovered, but beaten pretty badly. I'm keeping good thoughts that Declan's bike will return safely to him.

Anonymous said...

I always cry over a stolen bike, don't worry about it . Maybe someone will see that fine piece of work cruising down the street and return it.