Don't Forget The Motor City

How do you write about a city that's been torn open, with its insides left to dry out in the heat?

Once a booming Acropolis, now a decrepit Apocalypse.

Whose former gladiators now move ghostlike along streets.

Where steel and wheels [the other kind] were once King?

Detroit - The Motor City.

You don't need me to tell you Detroit's tragic tale of an auto industry that killed itself, its dedicated workers and their families. Do you?
I didn't think so.

Yes, Detroit is a shell of its former self, but its heart is still pumping, thanks to its dedicated residents who are nursing the city back to life.

Detroit is full of pockets of richness,


and creativity in unexpected places


with brand new arteries that reconnect its very tissue that once made it so strong.


I went to Detroit not knowing what to expect.

I came back from Detroit in awe of its will to recreate itself.

(When you go, do like me and support the local economy. Rent your bike at The Wheelhouse on the RiverWalk. They also give bike tours.)
UPDATE: A fantastic plea for preservation of Detroit's history and legacy from Julia Reyes Taubman and the BBC. Read and watch the slideshow. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18271118


Ramona Wheelright said...

awesome post KT. detroit is the utopia of today's failed american dream-go there to be you. especially love the street art for Tizzie!

Missblue said...

Thank you for seeing the real beauty of Detroit. On Friday, May 26 there were over 500 bicyclists riding in our Critical Mass. This city is making great strides in coming back, making it a bicycle friendly city. Come back in September when well over 4000 bicyclists do the Tour deTroit!

Kristin Tieche said...

Kathe - my dad is a Detroit native and this is my second time visiting his hometown as an adult, but the first time I went on my own. It is a truly inspiring experience. It just felt like creativity was bursting through the cracks, despite the odds! Had a great visit, would love to come back and bike Detroit again and meet some of the local crew!

MELI. said...

great set of fotos KT!
thanks for sharing these, visully beautiful of art that is not willing to give up, nd decaying industrial large forces.
I feel le special as we got to chat about it a bit when you were pretty fresh off the plane, you awesome you.
hugs xxom

Unknown said...

We just all have to believe in Detroit. Giving up is not an option. Thanks for sharing this.

Kristin Tieche said...

Meli - yes, thanks for checking out this post. It's true, we discussed all of this the day I came home. Glad you like my photos. Detroit is unreal.

She rides - I agree - there is no giving up on Motown!