Hi Ho... Hi Ho... And Off To Work We Go!

I felt like I was in Vélo Vogue fairyland when I crossed beautiful Caitlin at the Ferry Building on Bike To Work Day 2012!

Caitlin on Bike To Work Day 2012

Dreamy Caitlin noted that she coordinated the outfit with the bike for this pedal-powered holiday. Her singular style impressed me so much that I jumped in to pose next to her.

& Caitlin on Bike To Work Day 2012 - 2

A cycle-star is born!

Caitlin admitted that this was only the second time she biked to work from her home in the Mission to Downtown, a job which she is leaving to start working at the Walt Disney Family Museum in The Presidio. Maybe she'll find Doc and the other dwarves hiding out in that Cypress forest in the Northwest corner of SF, and maybe she and her shiny red bicycle will ride happily ever after!

Hope you all had a magical Bike To Work Day as well! <3


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I can't help but stare at her front tire. Does that look backward to anyone else?