Morgan's Magical History Tour

Professor Morgan Fitzgibbons, founder of SF's Wigg Party, took a group of us on a magical history tour today from the Mission to the Haight, the neighborhoods adjoined by the bike route that San Franciscans adoringly call The Wiggle.


Morgan's community activism is centered around the idea that we all must be resilient in building more sustainable communities, much like his predecessors, the Diggers, about whose legacy we learned on his tour today.


Even those of us who ride The Wiggle every day learned a thing or two about the history of this famous zig-zag that makes mountains into molehills.

Morgan with iPad

We also learned about some of the plans for improvement on The Wiggle, potentially including a roundabout at this very intersection at Scott & Page.


It's people like Morgan who preserve San Francisco's integrity, connecting the high-tech city of today to its roots in creative community activism of the 60s and 70s.


So thanks for getting us all together again for an enlightening and empowering day, Morgan! Ride on!

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Anonymous said...

THis awesome. Morgan is the best.