VV Profile: Kristina Sherwood

Occupation: Actor (working/aspiring) and Business English Teacher
Hometown: Lake Crystal, Minnesota
Neighborhood: Paris 10th Arrondissement - Canal Saint Martin
Helmet or no helmet: Doh! no helmet. stupid, stupid girl.
Describe your bike: VELIB! - heavy, sturdy frame, three speeds, lights, basket and a bell all courtesy of the city of Paris
Favorite color: earthy colors...blues, greens, browns...
Describe your personal style: depends on the day...I'd say classic with tones of hippie-chic, punky-brewster, professional Parisian, or Girl Next Door...i love knee high boots, leggings, skirts, hats, scarves...
Describe your cycling experience: nervous. haha. If I have a wide open road or a clearly defined bike line, I'm lovin' it. If I'm weaving between traffic, I'm a hate hate hatin' it.
Favorite artist: no music on the bike...gotta be alert! but when I'm not on my bike... Radiohead, Feist, Devendra Banhart, Beirut, and this week Kings of Convenience, Matt Elliott, and Jose Gonzalez...

1 comment:

spiderleggreen said...

Yeah! A Minnesotan! Where's Lake Crystal? ;)

Great poses. The next Audrey Hepburn. An American in Paris.

Very Jealous about the Velib. Will you bring it back to Minnesota?