you got the silver

I get warm fuzzies every time I see friends riding together and chatting at stoplights. I get all happy when I see shiny things too, like this girl's silver backpack, that sparkled in the luminance of the front headlights of the car behind her.


Hoopty Bikes said...

I love it.
Reminds me of "New kids on the block" stuff.
But now it's cool for men to wear this shiny stuff.

m e l i g r o s a said...

Riding in couples is the best, cute night shot ;)
I hear those ortlieb bags are the toughest for all weather, I agree with you that silver is just so groovy

HooptyBikes.com said...

I always think that car driver should take more notice to the joy of commuting around the city with a friend.I think,"if they only knew.