the waiting

Before the push off, there is the waiting. For instance, I have been waiting eight years for today.

Fashionable women seem to be in no great hurry at red lights. Why rush it? Give yourself the time to be noticed!

Let's all coo in unison over the gorgeousness of this woman's European bicycle.

We are all ready to push off into the future. We can only hope that the future will be brighter, more peaceful and more livable. So the waiting is finally over. Let's go celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Riders ready...
Watch the light...
da da daaa.


Anonymous said...

One of the things I selfishly love about your blog is that we must travel a very similar route to work as evidenced by the pics. This is on 9th and Market right?

Coincidence again I saw this very bike about two weeks ago at the post office there on 9th. I too was in aww over the gorgeous european bike and snapped a few pics. (I'll send you the pics if your interested.)

The owner (pictured here) came out and we had a very interesting conversation. One thing that stuck in my head was she told me she plans on selling the bike soon as its a much heavier bike than she expected it to be.

Kristin Tieche said...

I would imagine a heavy bike to be a little bit of a hassle on some of our hills. I thought perhaps this woman lived and worked on a flat bike route and didn't have to carry her bike up any stairs ever.

It's a small city, eh? Maybe I'll see you on Market Street sometime, Man!