Bike Wardrobe Remix 2010

Oh my, Velo Vogue is so lonely with KT incomunicada in Brasil, but here are some photos to brighten your day. These images are of real people and what they are wearing while riding, all submitted to the Bike Wardrobe Remix Flickr group this month. Share what you wear on BWR, and help inspire DIY fashion and cycling. We want to see you.

Winter Warrior

Lorena Cupcake

I was kind of looking for a postapocalyptic raver look. Like Mad Max on a sugar high.

OUTFIT: Lorena Cupcake shirt custom-made for me by my beloved sister for Christmas, thrifted layered dress, thrifted leisure suit jacket

ACCESSORIES: legwarmers from aforementioned awesome sister, Leg Avenue OTKs over secondhand pink tights, $2 synthetic scarf tied bandit style to protect my face from the wind, Target toque with a pin of the Swedish Chef, thrifted terrycloth sneaks, Owlsford Owl bag from Target in the bike basket

BIKE: Knock-off late 1960s Schwinn Stingray under Bridgestone's Japanese manufacturing name, C. Itoh. Handpainted craft store silk flowers to a Wald basket.


31.12.09: black and primary colours

Oranges and Apples

From New Year's Eve. I had to go and pick up a parcel from the post office depot and we were climbing a hill to watch the fireworks at midnight, so the outfit needed to be both cycle- and icy-hill-friendly.

top and dress - people tree
jeans - only
boots - clarks
belt and small bangle - charity shops
brooch - I made it
big bangle - beacon's closet


Heather Liles out for a Ride
Heather didn't tell us what she's wearing or where she was going
But we like her photo just the same


Meli at Midnight
- -for the (bike) wardrobeRemix- -
wool tights/ icebreakers
skirt/ merrell. I was sold on the side reflective lines.
jacket/ escada


back in december

This is from back in December, before Christmas. My parents came out to Berkeley to have lunch with jeff and me.

dress ~ thrifted
boots ~ remixed
stockings ~ UO
bracelets ~ thrifted
earrings and lariat neckace ~ made by me
socks ~ Crossroads


Chromatic Gate + Bicycle

Bikes by the Sea
Chromatic Gate: Herbert Bayer
Santa Barbara, California

earrings: Orange Slice
sunglasses: old wayfarer via mom
dress: blue Banana Republic via thrift store
wool sweater: white turtleneck via thrift store
belt: reused from wool jacket
heels: vintage, blue Stuart Weitzman
bike: Ella, Electra Amsterdam
basket: Nantucket Bike Basket Company

A day of exploring the Santa Barbara urban environment. Discovered Chromatic Gate by Herbert Bayer - public art.


Traffic Bikes said...

Snazzy! That's a really cool collection of photos!

Spencer Wright
Traffic Cycle Design

Christa said...

Lovely photos! Really cool mix.

Glad to see my photo here (Bike by the Sea). :)

Unknown said...

Oh Velo Vogue, you know how to brighten a girl's day! I'm finding it hard to keep up the chic with temperatures below freezing right now ;0)

Allison B. said...

Bike by the Sea--
How did you get a red Amsterdam? It's beautiful!

Abi said...

Hi there. I'd love to write about this collection of pics for a bike website I write for. Would you mind getting in touch to discuss? Thanks, Abi

Kristin Tieche said...

Abi - you can email us at velovogue[at]gmail[dot]com.

thanks for your interest!

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Abby Lee said...

I love these outfits! I'm going to pick out my very own bicycle tomorrow. I got so excited I posted about it. I love your posts and I can't wait to have my own set of wheels! (aside from my vehicle)