When in Rio, Ride in Red (in the Rain)

Summer in Rio de Janeiro, obviously means beach days, but who knew it also meant rain. Wet weather frequented many of my vacation days, though as is typical of tropical showers, they never lasted more than an hour or so. So flocks of bronzed people are on and off the beach as if it had a revolving door.
Protecao Solar

We decided not to make any excuses for the weather and take some rent-a-bikes out for a spin. In our hood, we found Mr. Bike For Rent, who lives at Rua Miguel Lemos, #10, just a couple blocks from our "hotel" (read Love Motel with hourly rates, thanks for [NOT] telling us, Lonely Planet) in Copacabana, who fixed us up with some shiny mountain bikes for R$30 per person for 4 hours.
Mr Bike For Rent

Holly and I had quite coincidentally selected red dresses for the ride, so to make the greatest impression from the bike lane, we insisted that Linda and Tamika coordinate accordingly.
KT & Hollly
Holly & Linda

Rio is one of the few cities in Brazil with bike lanes, not just along the tourist beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, but all along Guanabara Bay to the Botafogo and Flamengo districts. I already told you about crossing the tunnel to get from Copacabana to Botafogo.

Bike e maravilhosa

The bike lane in Rio did not disappoint. Not only were the views of the Cidade Maravilhosa just that - marvelous, but the scenery on the bike lane itself was quite amusing as well.
weightifting e maravilhosa

Tamika and speedo

I call this Rio de Janeiro Cycle Cheek.
Holly and some thongs

We met Fabio somewhere in Botafogo as we all pulled to a halt at the bike stoplight.
Fabio 2

Because he was dressed appropriately, we let him join our group.
Smiley happy red people

Fabio lives in the hillside neighborhood of Santa Teresa and bikes to and from work in Ipanema. His boss even installed a shower for bike commuters! He also leads large groups of cyclists on bike tours on Sundays.
Holly & Fabio

Then came the flood.
cargo bike in the rain

We stopped for a beer at a barraca when it started pouring, waiting for the rain to cease.
Fabio & Tamika

After about five beers and no signs of dry weather, we were too drunk to care about getting wet, but didn't want to be drunk and not so in charge of our bicycles in the dark in the City of God.
Panda in the rain

By the end of the ride, all the ladies in red had to wring out their dresses. A great first bici-aventura in Brazil, with many more to come!
KT & Holly & Linda self portrait


Velouria said...

I love the Ladies in Red!

MELI. said...

oh yaya KT is back!! so happy to see posts like these, looks like you had so mmuch fun - and cycle cheek!!! OMG im cracking :D
cant wait to see more /xo.m

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks, gals! It's good to be back!

Julz said...

Hello Girls, I am Brazilian (living in NZ)... I loved this post!Well Done! For weeks I am following this blog and Velouria's blog. My husband and I started to build our own 'Vintage Bikes', perhaps I will be able to show pictures of them later.
Girls... you made my day :)

Kristin Tieche said...

Julz, obrigada for visiting! Please send us pics of you and your husband com bicicletas!

Unknown said...

So enjoyed this post, can't wait for the rest of your Brazil adventures!
Welcome back!

anaÊ said...

Ladies in red! Beautiful!!!
I'm from Bahia/Brasil, and organize a woman ride here and I do ride also at Salvador Critical Mass!

Congratulation for the blog and the post! I'll post it at facebook, at Meninas ao Vento group - join us there!

Now I know that when i go to Rio and ride a bicycle, i'll be in red dress!

hugs, Ana Elisa

Kristin Tieche said...

Oi, Ana Elisa. I went to Salvador too! Did you see my post about it?