Marin For a Day

I was staying at my mom's house in Mill Valley for the past week. Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day, so I decided to go for a Bike Ride (yes, Mikael, remember that?).

This is for the Bike Wardrobe Remix.

Long bicycle t-shirt: My DLR in Chicago
Velo Love necklace: gifted from a wonderful Sao Paolo cyclist

Folding Bike: KHS Latte

Beautiful white cat: Oakland SPCA
Plus, it's Cloud's Birthday today! Please wish her a meowy birthday filled with brushing, snuggling and bonito flakes!


JenKen said...

Feliz comple-meow meow, Cloud! May your year be filled with many a sunny, lazy day. And, Ms. Tieche, nice folding bike!

Kristin Tieche said...

Cloud says meow-ci beaucoup!

Adrienne Johnson said...

I will only wish her many returns of the day if she stops calling Ali a bastard every time she sees him : ) Ali on the other hand sends his fondest wishes for a joyous day.

Kristin Tieche said...

Luckily, Cloud is back in her nest. And she only has the fondest memories of Ali! Tell him Cloud says thanks for sharing his territory with her!