Bike to the Cup - The Spirit is Soaring!

Are you feeling the fever yet? The gals and I (plus a dude here and there) have been totally enjoying biking to the Cup and watching the games (bad calls and all) at numerous drinking establishments across the City.

I've also been enjoying seeing how the rest of the world has been celebrating! I'm quite pleased that one of the greatest biking countries of the world has advanced to the semi-finals! Go Netherlands! I dig the Oranje!

Now that's some national pride!

From Amsterdamize

One national pastime meets another - the Dutch have reason to celebrate!
From iMalfet

The city that brought us Cycle Chic shows us how the Danes wear their colors.
Football World Cup in Copenhagen
From Mikael

And now, from the fans in San Francisco...
Dan Straight Outta Africa
Dan comes back from Jo-burg wearing the South African colors on his lime-green PUBLIC.

Deutschland Rocks!
A couple of Mannschaft fans get ready to throw down 4-0 style!

Wardrobe Change - Go Ghana!
KT shows support for the Motherland at the Ghana v. Uruguay game (still in shock about that Suarez handball) - vuvuzela courtesy of Dan Nguyen-Tan.

TRI love
¡Que viva Meligrosa!

Check out our Bike to the Cup photo pool for more pics like these!

And happy 4th!


Blue Rockstar said...

ay, Meli! bonita bici & ropas!

Kristin Tieche said...

Come join us Sunday at the Civic Center! Wear your team's colors! SF Bike Coalition to provide valet bike parking! Should be AMAZING!