Sol Stylin'

Sol is Stylin'!
On a not so sunny day, I met Sol coincidentally right in front of Cafe du Soleil, one of my favorite SF hangouts (AWESOME pain au chocolat and a nice selection of wines by the glass). It was right after the Holland v. Brazil game. Though not dolled up in World Cup spirit, Sol was chic'ed out from head-to-toe with an ultra-feminine look. Any cyclist wearing a crinoline under her dress gets extra points - going the extra mile to catch some air as she billows down the block. Very Vogue!


cb said...

look at her in her cute little heels! love seeing that! i feel i don't see many girls in heels while riding...such a sexy look and actually really fun to ride!

Kristin Tieche said...

She is truly awesome, isn't she?!?

I think it's time for you to be the first in your community... send us some pics!