Bike Wardrobe Remix: Hats, Winklepickers, and the Pope

Ever wonder what real people wear while riding bikes?  Here is our latest Bike Wardrobe Remix roundup.  Enjoy!
Emma Halawi
Bicycle Vest
Blazer - Second hand
Hat - Some shop in Japan
Shirt - Primark
Vest - World used market
Skirt - h&m
Shoes - New Balance
Bag - Spinns
Aeroplane Broach - Topshop
Bike - I found abandoned in a bush, took him home and fixed him up.
On a bike ride in Fukuoka, Japan on a lovely sunny day.
Trek 560
On Mom: 
Pants- Anthropology
Shoes - Eco Simple
sweater - Urban Outfitters
Hat - H&M
Boy - traditional Mongolian jacket, 
no-frills jeans
Lady LDN
Cycle Saturday: Making tracks to Richmond

We managed to get space on the train - what you can't see are all the Ascot Ladies that piled onto this train, heading to the races... it was manic!
Details for Bike Wardrobe Remix
* Headscarf: Dorothy Perkins
* Moustache Necklace: Tatty Devine
* Earrings & Bracelets: Topshop
* T-Shirt: ‘Tee & Cake’ @ Topshop
* Belt: Oasis
* Shorts: Gap
* Tights: M&S
* Patent Winklepickers: Topshop
Birthday Greg
birthday.  7.5.10
outfit: 100% thrifted
bike: Fannini- blessed by Pope John Paul


Lady Vélo said...

Awww! Thank you so much for including me in this very fashionable line-up! Loving the "Winklepickers" reference in the title - that's made my day!

Lady Vélo xx

Ramona Wheelright said...

thank you lady velo! we love your look and your winklepickers! ; p

Ema Hlw said...
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Ema Hlw said...

Thansk you for adding me into this lovely line up.
I have passed my bicycle on now since I'm moving back home to England very soon. The bicycle is now in the hands of a French boy living in Osaka. From bush to Fukuoka to Osaka, where are you going next on your adventure little bike!

Ramona Wheelright said...

Thank you Emma. It'd be great to see the French boy riding that little found folder and to see you on a bike in the UK. Keep sending in your BWR pics, we love you.