Local Motion (part 1)

Even with all these new bike lanes being added in SF, this "summer" weather makes me wanna go back to Hawai'i!

Maui No Ka Oi!!!
hawai'i bike

KT & Jen Ken cruise to Ka'anapali.
Bike in Paradise

I call this "Paradise is Boring."
Paradise is boring

Bike by the Sea.
Bike By the Sea

Da Buddha - Da Kine! @ The Hara Residence (a.k.a. Lahaina Jodo Mission).
Bike With Buddha

Maui makes me happy. I think I'll go back.
Panda in Paradise


cb said...

i feel you on this weather...it is soo sad! i miss my summer in sf!!! i hope we get that indian summer this year so i can get on my bike and ride in the warm sun!


Kristin Tieche said...

Summer in SF has been pitiful at best. Wish I was back in Maui! Aloha!

MELI. said...

love that last picture of you bonita!! :D
+yes paradise es boring! xxo.m