Plugged In

What's your soundtrack? For me, it is the sounds of the street, not on MP3. If you plug in, what's on the play list?


kfg said...

World 1.0 comes with the Director's Cut soundtrack in glorious gazillion bit resolution and infinite channel surround, with a score that's so awesomely more random than shuffle play.

Ya just can't beat artisanal work that authentic, so I don't even try.

cb said...

i go back & forth. I listen to music mostly on the way home..not sure why but it just ends up that way...i only have one ear plug on so i can hear cars passing by me..plus i actually think it is illegal to ride with head phones, no?
i have no play list just listen to shuffle which goes from led zeppelin, howlin wolf, nazareth, queen & prince and many more!


2whls3spds said...

Don't ride with anything in my ears, I don't even like ear muffs or covers in the winter months. I only have hearing in one ear and it is partial at that. I need every bit I have to keep tabs on traffic. Funny thing is I can hear a siren long before people around me can, not sure if it is a frequency thing or just that I can pick it out from the background clutter easier than most.

I don't like seeing people with riding with ear buds because typically it makes them oblivious to their surroundings and could compromise their safety, ditto while walking, but to me less of an issue.