Raymond's Ride - Street Art

Meet Raymond.
Raymond & his ride

And check out his custom-built ride!
Raymond's ride
When I ran into him at the Ferry Plaza, he told me that he spent his youth learning autobody and shop in San Jose. Now he lives in the Tenderloin and rides his collection of his own hand-built, hand twisted two-wheeled works of art around town - the only way he gets the word out.

This Bay Area native and local bike artist has no website, so you have to keep your eyes peeled (and cameras ready) if you want to catch this phenomenal artist of the street as he rolls through town.
Raymond's ride


MELI. said...

i lurvs this guy!!
he was mi first blog post in 2008, and he kicked my ass - me and the frenchie are way too slow for his awesome bike :D

YAYYYY love this post!!

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks, GF!