public for the people

Unless you live in a cave, by now you should have heard about PUBLIC bikes, as well as have seen a generous smattering of these pretty bikes rolling along the bike lanes of SF in an array of jazzy, fresh colors. But have you seen their bike warehouse in the Mission? When you're riding down Harrison Street, keep an eye out for the baby blue banner and the cute boy sipping a coffee.
Public Greg or Hot dude near bike

Repeating spirals of beautiful baby blue - simply mesmerizing.
Public Spiral

And I find their bike mechanic Tyler equally mesmerizing. ;-)
Tyler @ work

And if you're in San Francisco on Saturday, August 21, make sure to stop by their Launch Party for all kinds of fun you can have in PUBLIC (har dee har har). See you there.


Reese said...

Oh Tyler is definitely mesmerizing.

Is the Mission warehouse open to the public? I've only ridden past after work and it's usually shut (but with a nice sign outside).

Kristin Tieche said...

Well, they let me in! So yes! Probably open during regular business hours though.

dc said...

okay seriously the boys are just too cute! its just mean!