VV Profile: Taco Bike Timmy

Taco Bike Timmy
Name: Timothy Holt aka shaggy manatee

Occupation: restauranteur, farmer

Hometown: SF 18 years

Taco Bike Timmy
Current city/Neighborhood: 1/2 time in the mission 1/2 time in Healdsburg ca

Favorite city to ride a bike in in the world: amsterdam.

Headgear of choice? On the taco bike, headband, on a fast bike I like a Bell

Taco Bike Timmy
Tell me about the history and transformation of the Taco Bike: bought the orange Mexican cargo bike in 08' wanted to prepare and sell tacos from the bike. Figured out I couldn't do it on my own, so I asked my friend Todd Barricklow a Santa Rosa artist(killing time studios) and he accepted the challenge.

Tacos R Good
It is a one of a kind, art piece. Outfitted for any event from Dolores park to burning man. He put in a lot of time and when you see the bike, it shows. From the hot water hand sink, to the back eating area behind the seat. Truly a genius.

Taco Bike Timmy
Describe what you like best about the Taco Bike: The connection to the outdoors and the unsuspecting people who just walk by, stop, and either smile and say "that's the Weird Fish taco bike" or don't say anything and walk off and continue to find something to put down or hate-on. It is so informal and unlike the restaurant setting, I get a chance to ask people questions and get some one-on-one time. I like to talk politics, weather, and I love to describe what I am doing with our Farm and the restaurant.

Taco Bike Timmy
Any funny stories from Dolores Park to tell? Wow, many, but my favorite was the 20 year old guy who walked up, ordered two tacos and then proceeded to take out a whip-it cartridge and cracker. He cracked and huffed right in front of me. When I asked if he wanted sour cream he responded with that very deep, sluggish voice "hell yeah man"! Almost pissed myself.

Taco Bike Timmy
Tell me about the jumpsuit: I wore a jumpsuit when I was prolific in recording music in my home basement studio. It became my Mr. Rogers transformation as you will. Work all day at Boogaloos, then ride my bike home, switch into my short sleeve, blue-grey onesie and make some crazy electro-bay-freak-hop or have some gangsta's over for a "quiet" session of murder, chrome mustard and mayonnaise rims, selling drugs and life in the ghetto. Fun.

Taco Bike Timmy
What's the story behind the tattoo? The mermaid is my homage to the ocean. It is my version of Yemaya, Brazilian goddess of the ocean. Since my restaurant Weird Fish sells A LOT of fish, I feel purchasing sustainable fish isn't enough. One of the rituals I learned was to dress all in white on New Years eve, head to any ocean and dip white roses in molasses for her offering. Works every time. It is just cold as hell.

Taco Bike Timmy
What's the pirate thing about? I am a pirate of life, I like to take what is free, and make something out of it. I am not the old school pirate who pillage, rape and murder, I am an urban pirate, hustling, trying to make a living. Thinking outside the box with what we serve, to what I wear.

Taco Bike Timmy
Why blue? It is my favorite color, ocean blue. The Caribbean is my favorite place to stare at blue.

Taco Bike Timmy
Favorite time and/or place to ride: late afternoon, this time of year around 4-6pm. My manatee fins are all warmed up and I am ready for action.

Vélo Vogue tip of the day: Be different, at the same time, be yourself. Everyone knows when it is not really you.
Tacos R Good
Taco Bike Tim will be feeding the masses at my film's benefit event on Thursday Oct 14 from 6-10 pm at Mission Workshop, 40 Rondel Place! Come and behold the taco bike for yourself!


Lady Vélo said...

Love this interview :)
Damn do those Tacos look GOOD!

cb said...

so awesome! must seek him out, check out his awesome bike and get some fish tacos!!!


Kristin Tieche said...

The tacos are delicious!

And CB - he will be at my film's benefit event tomorrow Thu, 10/14 at Mission Workshop, 40 Rondel Place (16th & Mission), from 6 pm to 10 pm!

Anonymous said...

Did anybody point out to him that there's no apostrophe in Tacos?

Kristin Tieche said...

Timmy's taco's have an apostrophe. That's what make's them s'pecial!

christina said...

omg, those tacos look muy delicioso, what a creative business on bike!

Kristin Tieche said...

The tacos are totally rad! As rad as his bike!