Bike Wardrobe Remix: Party Like it's 2011

2011-01-05 with bike
Yes i still commute by bike, even in this weather!
hat - C&A
scarf - christmas market last year
coat - H&M
skirt - La Redoute
knee socks - Tchibo
wool socks - really old, and I didn't know they could still look so nice
shoes - Birkenstock
unseen for warmth: black leggings and a black cotton skirt

Bike Friday! Happy New Year!
My Mother-in-law gave me this coat. She bought it for a dollar in Louisiana, where she is from.
Charlotte Russe jeggings, adidas sneakers of love. I should not have worn them out in this BS.
I got these new fake glasses at Walmart for $3 when I was in Arkansas last week. The bandana around my neck is also a new Arkansas thrift piece.
I went for a big ride around Central Park then down through Times Square to survey the madness. It was mad!

Let's gooo
San Francisco's finest, we hope the Frenchie isn't jealous...
Still raining pretty hard.
The Castro, Dec.18
17th at Market
umbrella/ marimekko
scarf/ mi mom made
top, tights/ i dunno
skirt/ tankus
boots/ malparina

Dave (photo by Meli)
ran into dave + his crew
Orange Krate the official SF Giants bike
Black Dickies
Black Hoodie
Black Hat
Red Chucks

no wardrobe or bike details, but BWR loves you anyway

Raven and Rowan
Andy with Urago
Andy in fine threads with a hunky piece of steel, Urago


Unknown said...

Thanks!!! Happy new Year!

dc said...

i always forget to tell you guys what i am wearing!!
hat: target
jacket: H&M
bag: freight
bici: early 90's giant track bike that i painted and built out myself.

as for what you dont see me wearing:
dress: h&M
boots: keen
tights: HUE
mittens: whole earth provision.

kfg said...

I don't much care for denim skirts myself, I prefer lighter materials with a softer hand, but that's a nice look on Kasmeneo.

Maybe it's because I'm skinny that flowy works better for me.

Steven Vance said...

I love that green coat from Louisiana. Wouldn't mind having something like that myself.