connecting the city

Remember the days when your parents would let you ride to school alone on your bike worry-free, when the question of safety was not even an issue? So does Stephanie, I believe. Watch this great video from the SFBC's project, Connecting the City and listen to how she imagines better biking in SF.

What's it like to ride in an urban environment for you and, if you have one, your family? What factors would get you out there more often?

What are you willing to do (volunteer? donate? write your supervisor?) to make this vision of connectivity a reality?


kfg said...

"Remember the days . . ."

No. I remember the days when they simply had enough schools that nobody had to. We walked because riding a bike a block or three would have been silly.

"What's it like to ride in an urban environment for you"

Could be worse. I've gotten two "Get out of the road, asshole!"s this year, but nobody has thrown a beer can at me in ages.

"your family?"

The MUP scares my mom silly, so she sticks to vehicular cycling now. She'd like a bike lane down the heavy, fast traffic crosstown blvd. Can't say as I blame her, that one puts me a bit on edge too.

"What factors would get you out there more often?"

Only picking up one thing at the store at a time, other than by flaking I mean? More hours in the day? Complete lack of responsibility? Global warming?

"What are you willing to do . . .?"

First I make myself seen riding a "normal" bike in "normal" clothes doing "normal" things every day.

This alone actually has enough effect that it gives me opportunities to encourage others that they could do the same.

I have even taught people to ride so they can.

I'm afraid I don't write letters to supervisors, but I talk to people who do so that they might write better, and better informed, letters themselves.

". . .to make this vision of connectivity a reality?"

See you at the blockades, brothers and sisters.

Kristin Tieche said...

Wow! All I can say to that is, "FUCK YEAH!"

You go kfg!