cycling with friends

Friends make you happy.
Boyz friendz

Fresh air and sunshine make you happy.
Girls, tassles, dog

Body heat makes you happy.
Girl & Dog
Cycling makes you happy.


cb said...

riding with friends is always way more fun! my husband and i just got a tandem so now we are in separable :D and yes riding does make me very happy! i am always so sad when i can't ride!

happy new year!
i joined your flickr group and wanted to know how to get involved with the riding chic post you do.


Kristin Tieche said...

Hey cb - awesome!

post your pics to Velo Vogue flickr group. I go through submissions once or twice a month and post roundups here on VV. Also if you would like to send in a guest blogging post sometime about your rides with your hubby, let me know!

cb said...

thanks kristin! will send in a photo. i would love to do a guest post about us riding our tandem! let me get back to you on that, yippee!