Eye on the Bike

If you aren't in the Bay Area, maybe you never got the chance to check out the Bay Area Biking episode on Eye On The Bay. I had the pleasure of co-hosting the first segment with Liam Mayclem and got to take him on a bike-friendly tour of San Francisco. I also co-produced and edited this segment. Hope you enjoy.

I produced, directed and edited the second segment on the illustrious Scraper Bike team from Oakland, CA. They are some pretty awesome dudes. Check them out.

This originally aired on October 25, 2010 but is now in replay, and yesterday I finally picked up the clips so I could upload them here. Thanks for watching!


G.E. said...

How cool that there is valet parking for your bicycle! While Denver is relatively bike-friendly, I've yet to see anything like that at local major stadiums. I think Coors Field has a watched over area outside the ball park, but yours looks extremely well integrated into the stadium. I'm impressed!

Kristin Tieche said...

Hi G.E.! YES - the fact that our Giants ballpark is equipped with free valet bike parking (provided by our SF Bike Coalition) makes AT&T one of my very favorite places to go in San Francisco (and that the Giants are totally AWESOME - sorry, can't help myself).

You should come out sometime when the Rockies are playing here in SF and see for yourself!

There is also free valet bike parking at our Saturday farmer's market at the ferry building. It's totally awesome. I see a bike episode # 2 brewing here...

G.E. said...

That would be a BLAST! I love SF and miss going there regularly (I grew up on the central coast of CA). If I could afford it, I would definitely live in San Franciso in a heart beat... and who knows? Maybe one day I will. Colorado isn't a bad alternative though, and despite its reputation for piles of snow, it melts fairly rapidly due to lots of sunshine.

Now if I can just get these major areas to have bike valet service... :o)

Kristin Tieche said...

Agreed. SF is quite expensive. Denver has a bike-share program, right? You guys are already miles ahead of us then.

Yokota Fritz said...

Love the video!

@G.E. BikeDenver provides valet bike parking at a number of events, though I think they're biggest problem is lack of volunteers (i.e. it's the same five or six people doing it every time). So now this is the part where I encourage you to be part of the solution :-) If you see something that needs to get done, go out and do it!