It's raining again!

On a dismal and gray day like today, I might be tempted to stay home and cuddle up with Cloud in front of the fireplace.

BUT - I've agreed to film a little piece on what I wear when I bike in the rain for a documentary called Mind The Gap by a fellow bicycle filmmaker, Laura Lukitsch.

So, I probably should wear something like this:
Rain Poncho
photo by Dave of Portlandize

but I'm not. Photos and details to come!


Miss Bentley said...

My Dad once bought me a cycling cape just like that, but it was bright yellow. I loved it, but unfortunately it ripped and was no more much use.

Thanks for the reminder!


Jennifer said...


Kristin Tieche said...

My friend Gwen has recently designed a waxed bicycle cape for biking in the rain. Hopefully will get some pics and details on that tomorrow! For the ladies who bike in the rain!