Murderous driver in Porto Alegre Critical Mass attacks cyclists

A driver with intent to kill ran over cyclists during a peaceful Critical Mass in Brazil. The whole story is here on the CM website.

Apparently the police have not decided whether the driver is at fault or not. By watching this video, it should be very clear what he was trying to do.

Please spread the word, repost the video and be safe out there.


amoeba said...

The feigned inability of the Brazilian Police demonstrates the institutional prejudice that favours motorists and that faces cyclists in many countries.

In the UK it is easy to kill a pedestrian or cyclist casually and get away with the crime, often with only a token fine. It happens all the time. Only rarely do drivers get punished severely, normally, it's because they have no licence; insurance; are drunk / drugged; hugely excessive speeding; or evading arrest. In such cases they are treated as criminals, but otherwise they're treated as good people who were unlucky - after all, it could happen to anybody, couldn't it?

Whereas if someone kills somebody but without using a motor-vehicle, it is treated very seriously indeed. But killing or maiming on the road is 'normal' and rarely gets reported. And it's likely that some of those 'accidents' weren't accidental. It's quite likely that some are deliberate.

Kristin Tieche said...

Thank you very much for your comments, Amoeba. Well put. This video shows that the driver is deliberately trying to kill cyclists.

This is a quote from the update:

"According to his lawyer Luís Fernando Coimbra Albino, Neis will claim self-defense on behalf of himself and his 15-year-old son. The motorist decided to appear in order to state that he attacked the cyclists after feeling threated by alleged blows to his black Golf."

I doubt the cyclists broke his window, but even if they did, his response is that he tried to kill the cyclists. OUTRAGEOUS.