Vogue Around The Globe - Les Quatre Saisons

Northern and Southern Hemispheres collide as we're in between seasons here and all over the world...

Showing skin in Gastown, Vancouver, BC!
Aphrodite Rides Apollo
Photo by ecstaticist

Pretty poncho in Copenhagen
CPH by Diego Franssens
Photo by Diego Franssens by way of Mikael

Fluffy faux fur in New York
Self-timer times
Photo by juleskills

A sunny bike ride in Santiago
Súper mamá
Photo by Quiltro Elemento

Boots with tights in Portland
Photo by poetas

Summer fabrics and colors in Barcelona...
Bianca Vallentine
Bianca Vallentine by way of Txell HG

as well as bows and polka dots!
2011_febrer 608
Photo by Bart Omeu

Puffy parka in Atlanta
Photo by Cameron Adams

Tweed hat...
Hat panda

and argyle socks in Italia!
Photos by Luca Violetto

The Lady of London brings it back with urban chic!
Back on track...
Photo by Lady Vélo


Cameron Adams said...

Awesome editing, KT!

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks, Cameron!

Lady Vélo said...

Thank you so much for featuring me amongst this very stylish selection! Fantastic fashions across the Globe on 2 wheels Kristin... nice! x

Luca Violetto said...

It's a pleasure to appear in these pages. Thanks KT
Greetings from Italy!
Luca & All of italian people who ride in style from italiancyclechic.com

Kristin Tieche said...

Again - thanks for your sharing your pics with us!