Bike Fashion Blogger Back With Notorious Fashion Photog?

OMG - I've fallen for Chimowitz all over again
Bike fashion blogger Kristin Tieche was seen once again in the arms of fashion photographer Daniel Chimowitz, just months after he was caught two-timing and got one in right in the kisser.

Tieche admitted that she was "surprised" to see the likes of him show up at the Disposable Film Festival. "But," she added, "I really liked how he was dressed, and we met at this event a year ago." So she agreed to take his portrait.

Gucci shades.
Daniel Gucci

Hand-painted jacket.
Daniel Heart

Repurposed cap from a recent trip to Kauai (Chimowitz promised to take Tieche... next time).
Daniel Kauai's Own 2

"And," Tieche pointed out, "he's so sweet to him mom."
Daniel Mom

In his own words, Chimowitz likes to describe himself as, "a walking canvas bringing color out of the gallery and onto the streets." His bike is an aluminium frame Marin, hand-painted fuschia & glitter combo.
Daniel 1

To be continued...

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