KT's Top Ten Reasons I Ride a Bike

Continuing the discussion on why more women don't bike in North America, I have decided to stop focusing on the negative (biking is too risky or too expensive, etc.) and present the top ten reasons that I ride a bicycle as my preferred means of transportation.

1) It's fun.


2) It's healthy.


3) It's efficient.

my great ass[et] panda

4) You can stop and smell the flowers.

purple with purple flowers

5) It's social.

Velo Vogue meets Curitiba

6) You can go almost anywhere door-to-door.

Giants Win 11 - 2!

7) It's economical.

Stitch Diva Goes Velo Vogue

8) It's good for the planet.

Townie in Sausalito

9) Hot Dudes...


and Hot Chicks.


10) It's the journey...


and the destination!


What are your top ten reasons for riding a bike?


reelmotionmedia said...

I have a reason to wear tight clothing : )

Kristin Tieche said...


11) I get to show off what I'm wearing!

jores said...

Love that first photo!!

I've long stopped trying to justify why I bike. Mostly, it's fun, and I hate sitting in traffic. So when people ask why I don't drive to work, I just try to give them that look, "why would I do that?"

Kristin Tieche said...

@jores - I guess I'm getting why someone who DOESN'T ride a bike, SHOULD. What would you say to that person?

Su said...

Independece way of life!

cb said...

all excellent reasons to ride! i LOVE that first picture of you sweetie, so awesome! i would tell someone that the major benefits of riding are awesome legs, i love mine and yes to #11 too ;D


kfg said...

Not much into hot guys and the planet seemed to do just fine before bikes, so for those two substitute Freedom and Independence.

Unknown said...

Riding my bike is one form of multi-tasking that I can honestly say works. I get my exercise at the same time that I get from point A to point B.

Kristin Tieche said...

Hip hip hooray for independence and freedom!

@She rides - YES! I love the exhilaration I feel when I arrive at the office!